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I would like to offer Joe Maddalena and the staff of PROFILES IN HISTORY the heartiest and most heartfelt thank you for conducting a truly extraordinary auction from conception to execution to ultimate satisfying completion. I could not be happier with the results. I think the PROFILES auction house set new benchmarks of excellence in the auction field. The auction catalog, the singular vision of Joe Maddalena right from the outset, really highlighted the importance of the artist, Frank Frazetta, and the significance of my collection. The catalog touched many people very deeply and it has become a truly important part of Frazetta art history. It now proudly sits on many bookshelves in the homes of serious collectors and art connoisseurs. The Staff of Profiles outdid themselves with this outstanding labor of love. Another feature that has to be mentioned is the outstanding public relations work. Every important collector was made aware of the auction through ads, social media, prominent blogs, internet sites, newspapers, and direct personal contact. No other auction house could possibly have provided such amazing market coverage and penetration. It was a very smooth and, quite frankly, a fun-filled process. It left me with many treasured memories.
I would strongly recommend PROFILES IN HISTORY to anyone who wants professional and thoroughly competent representation. In all honesty, my experience was completely positive. Everyone made money and left with smiles on their faces. This is the way business should be done. In addition to being thankful for the overall leadership and vision of Joe Maddalena, I would also like to warmly thank the central team of Joe Moe, Lou Bustamante, Brian Chanes, Marc Kruskol, Julie Gauvin, Suzanne Sues, and, of course, Rob Pistella, who was my indispensable right hand man and curator of this extraordinary auction event.
-DocDave Winiewicz, 2016
I have nothing but positive things to say about Brian and the Profiles in History Team. I first contacted Brian regarding a rare one of a kind historical letter and he was very helpful and told me the owner Joe had a client he thought would be interested in the piece. I wanted a direct private sale and didn’t want to go the auction route. Brian understood this and within a few days after I sent the letter into Brian he called me and gave me a offer on the letter. We ended up coming to a agreement on price and that was it. Very easy and simple process and In my opinion there one of the “Best” High End auction houses out there. Brian and Joe both have a passion for the items they deal with and that is a rarity in today’s auction house world as most people are only in it for the money. These guys are both top notch no doubt. Give them a try you will not be disappointed.  Thanks Joe and Brian!
-Todd Perkins, Owner, Past Time Memorabilia/High End Vintage Baseball Autographs & Historical Artifacts


I evaluated a number of auction houses to handle the sale of my WWI and WWII poster collection, and I chose Profiles in History because of the excellent catalogs, their fine record in historical manuscript and film poster auctions, and the strong recommendations from friends who have been clients.  Brian, Joe, and the PIH staff could not have been more helpful.  The results exceeded my expectations, and I will cheerfully consign with PIH again. 

-George Vogt


Joe and Profiles have helped me build my prop collection from the ground up.  They find the best stuff from the best movies…. wait, no they don’t.  They stink.  They find nothing.  Don’t look at the catalogue.  Don’t bid, especially on the Star Wars props I want.

-David Mandel, Executive Producer “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

We have had many dealings with Joe. He and his company have always been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. As if that wasn’t enough he gets top dollar for us consistently.

-Brad Fuller – Platinum Dunes

Joe Maddalena and his Profiles in History team of experts are second to none! Their honesty, attention to detail, integrity, knowledge and expert advice go far beyond what any other auction house offers!  I highly recommend Joe and his team for your auction needs.

-John M. Azarian, The Azarian Collection

Now that the Collectors Book Store Auction is over, I want to thank you for a job well done.  If you ever need a reference you need not ask, just have the person call me.

-Malcolm Willets

Joe & Brian, First off… WOW!!! and congratulations on a better than expected return on Hollywood 37 all around.  Happy to be a part of it.  Profiles is the only house that could’ve brought these kinds of hammer prices.  Your acumen with lot assignments, research, and marketing were phenomenal.  I couldn’t believe my eyes as the numbers got higher on the screen.  Very exciting.  Joe, Brian, you guys are geniuses.  Thank you so much.

-Stef Butler

Your exceptional research, accurately describing the importance of each of my items, and your great advertising outreach and promotion, combined to make the prices realized for my collection achieve three times their estimate. No one could do a finer job. Bravo! All praise to Profiles in History. Thanks again.

-Gary Diamond

I have been a serious collector of one-of-a-kind Hollywood artifacts for over 20 years and periodically sell pieces from my collection. As I have experience in using all of the major auction houses, I can confidently say that Profiles In History is always my first resource as I believe that they have the most significant depth of  knowledge in the field and can best advise me as to price. I have sold numerous pieces with them over the years and have been extremely pleased with the results.  They are wonderful people to deal with and are a unique resource.

-David Levy

I just wanted to tell you I received my auction book in the mail on Monday and it was Beautiful! So much more than I expected! Even though I watched the entire second day of the auction online Sunday but didn’t bid on anything I enjoyed every minute. Thank you and Profiles in History for giving us crazy Lost fans the chance to own something from our show!


When I decided it was time to part with some of my movie memorabilia, I was lucky enough to be referred to Brian Chanes at Profiles In History.Much of this memorabilia was related to Star Trek, since I spent several years as the show’s set decorator, starting with the original television series and continuing with Star Trek Generations as well as six of the feature films.  It was important to me that I deal with someone who had a broad knowledge and true appreciation of film and television, particularly Star Trek in all its varied forms.  Brian not only filled that bill, he was and is almost uncanny in knowing the right time and the right way to sell. I could not have been more pleased with he handled my memorabilia. As anyone who has worked with them will tell you, Profiles In History is a class act.

-John M. Dwyer

With the majority of illustrations and set design drawings from films I’d worked on donated to a New York City museum, I found that I was overwhelmed with additional memorabilia that was consuming a disproportionate amount of our living space. I also thought that fans would like to have a share of these collectibles equal to those that are held in museums.  Brian and Joe helped me get these items into the hands of those who have enjoyed the films over the years.

-David L. Snyder, Production Designer

As a Iong time buyer and seller of screen-used items with Profiles In History, I highly recommend them for all of your prop needs. For selling, Profiles has the best worldwide clients in the marketplace for their offerings. Occasionally when I do sell, I exclusively consign with them and no matter the price point they are always great to work with and they make the sale. From the buyer’s perspective I have been fortunate to purchase some truly unique items from them for many years. Profiles continues to locate and bring to the market the treasures we all want to own.

-PJ Rubal, Vice President, Spector Musical Instruments

Through the tough times of losing someone very special to us all and dealing with the selling of our assets in order to share the historic creatures created by Stan Winston with the fans we found not just a business partner in the auction and Hollywood memorabilia business but a true friend.  The level of professionalism and sensitivity devoted to us combined with the expertise to quickly identify and secure all of  our assets was unmatched.  Joe Maddalena and the entire team at Profiles In History have proven to not just be focused on the buying and selling of memorabilia but are truly concerned with the preservation of film history.

-The entire family of Stan Winston

My experience with Profiles in History and especially with Brian Chances was entirely pleasant from beginning to end. The company realized far more for my collectibles than I realized was possible. I heartily recommend Profiles in History. 

-Bjo Trimble, Author of The Star Trek Concordance; Science Fiction fandom icon

As a poster and lobby card collector I have found Profiles in History to be very helpful with both buying and selling.  Their unique clientele gives me an opportunity to reach collectors and hobbyists I don’t normally reach.  Joe and his crew are most professional and very prompt and I highly recommend their services as a premier auction house.

-Jim Gresham

I have to commend you….. each and every of your employees is excellent and that says a lot about you. I have been a client of Profiles in History for many years and they are my favorite auction house on so many levels; their integrity, honesty and personal service and that is why I have chosen them for our major auction.


Being a Hollywood historian, I have been consigning my vintage Hollywood artifacts with Profiles in History for over a decade.  Not only because of the positive outcome of their auction process, but also because of the individual attention, understanding and professional relationship I have with its knowledgeable staff.

-Katherine Orrison, Author of “Lionheart in Hollywood” and “Written in Stone”

My estate sales business occasionally comes across above average Hollywood memorabilia, animation art or U.S. historical items. Certain estate collections contain items that I know that I can’t do justice to and need help in selling. Knowing the value, I will consign these pieces to Profiles in History. The highest realized prices are accomplished with a reasonable percentage charged and sold nationally and internationally. This has a tendency to make me look good. It has also delighted many of my clients who enjoy the surprise.

– Sharon Yost

Yesterday I received the animation cel I recently won, and I wanted to thank you and the staff for handling the transaction so professionally and expeditiously. … I look forward to bidding on and hopefully winning more of PiH’s auctions, and if my future experiences are as smooth as this initial win, I know I’ll have no problems at all.  Thank you so much…I’ll keep an eye out for you on the SyFy show. 

– A.L.


“Profiles in History has a wonderful reputation.  I’ve worked with them in the past and I also know Debbie Reynolds.  She sold an extensive collection with Profiles and I thought anybody like Debbie who trusted her treasure has got to be the right organization to auction off my dress.  I’ve had the Judy Garland early “Dorothy” dress from The Wizard of Oz for 31 years.  It’s a little bit of my heart and soul.  I’m happy that I was able to have it, I shared it with the public, raised money for children’s hospital charities and now it’s off in the world spreading “Oz” magic!  I feel elated and I’m thrilled!  Three hundred thousand dollars is quite the mark up!  I guess the only thing I can say is, there’s no place like Profiles in History, there’s no place like Profiles in History, there’s no place like Profiles in History!”



“I first worked with Profiles in History about 18 months ago when I found an pivotal item in Film that I couldn’t live without. About a year later I was unexpectedly in financial trouble and had to sell it quickly. Given how personal the item was to me, and the thought I’d never have to sell it, I (and the great team at Profiles) thought I had way overpaid the first time and it would be a long shot for me to recuperate my investment. It turns out, Profiles in History was able to sell the item for twice what I paid! It really helped me out of a jam and I’ll be forever grateful.”

-Will M.

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