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Fandango – Star Wars: Own a Piece of the Force

Reuters – With “Star Wars” movie due to land, old toys go galactic

 CBS News, St. Louis – ‘Walt Disney’s Riverfront Square’ Plans Sell at Auction

City Lab – You Just Lost Your Chance to Own a Piece of the St. Louis Disneyland That Never Was

Hollywood Reporter – Frank Frazetta’s Fantasy Artwork up For Auction

Pocono Record – 90 pieces of Frank Frazetta’s artwork up for auction Friday

Los Angeles Daily News – Frank Frazetta’s fantasy artwork on sale Friday

io9 – Get Ready To Appreciate The Fantasy Art of Frank Frazetta on a Whole New Level!

ABC News – Vestige of St. Louis Disney Park That Never Was up for Sale

Monsters & Critics – Profiles in History: Annette Funicello, Frank Frazetta Collections On Block Dec 7-11, Details

Actua Litte, France – Pour la première fois, les oeuvres de Frank Frazetta aux enchères

BLOGO, Italy – Frank Frazetta, all’asta ben 80 illustrazioni originali e sketch dell’autore americano

Art Daily – Profiles in History announces auction of rare animation & Disneyana

Empire – The Art of Frank Frazetta

Boston Globe – Profiles in History is proud to announce Morris Everett, Jr. The Auction: Part 2

Reuters – Profiles in History Presents: The Morris Everett, Jr. Collection, Part 2

Art Daily – Profiles in History to offer the largest selection of master fantasy artist Frank Frazetta’s drawings

Vanity Fair – El vestido de los cinco millones de dólares (y otros objetos subastados por una fortuna)

Heavy Metal – Massive Frank Frazetta Art Auction Cometh!

Monsters & Critics – Marty McFly’s ‘Resizing’ Jacket’ To Be Sold By Profiles In History

The Hollywood Reporter – Princess Leia’s ‘Star Wars’ Bikini Costume Sells for $96K at Auction

The Guardian – Princess Leia’s gold bikini sells for $96,000 at Star Wars memorabilia auction

NY Daily News – Just what I always Obi-wanted! Princess Leia’s ‘slave bikini’ fetches $96K at auction

CBS News – Princess Leia “slave girl” bikini among Hollywood items auctioned

Daily Mail – ‘Star Wars’ spaceship model sets auction record

ABC News – Princess Leia’s ‘Star Wars’ Gold Bikini Could Fetch $120K


BBC – Wolverine’s X-men claw and Jurassic Park dino up for sale

MSN – 20 Pieces of Iconic Pop Culture Memorabilia You Can Own Right Now

CNBC – Hollywood Memorabilia Goes Under the Hammer

CNN Money – Princess Leia’s Bikini Costume Up For Auction

The Hollywood Reporter – ‘Superman,’ ‘I Love Lucy,’ ‘Happy Days’ and 11 Other Notable Items Up for Auction

Entertainment Weekly – Orson Welles’ personal Citizen Kane scripts sell for over $102,000 at auction

LA Daily News – How to Own A Slice of Hollywood History

Daily Mail – Fonzie’s bike for a cool £100,000: Customised Triumph that helped make character the king of cool up for auction alongside one of his leather jackets

Daily Mail – The Unmistakeable Pout, The Legendary Dress… Unseen Candid Footage of Marilyn Monroe Filmed By An Extra On The Set of The Misfits With Clark Gable and Eli Wallach Emerges For Sale

Super Chevy – American Graffiti White 1958 Chevy Impala Goes to Auction

The Telegraph – Star Wars: The World’s Rarest Posters Up for Sale, In Pictures

Forbes – Profiting From Star Wars, Michael Jackson & Taylor Swift Memorabilia: There’s A Tax On That

3 News, New Zealand – Jimi Hendrix Hair Amulet Up for Auction

Houston Chronicle – Surviving ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ General Lee Dodge Charger Will Soon Go Up for Auction

Fine Books & Collections – Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” Radio Transcript at Auction

Paste Magazine – Princess Leia’s Iconic Gold Bikini Now Up for Auction

La Crosse Tribune – La Crosse Man Finds Doorway into Movie History

Cars & Parts – TV Icons Up for Sale

USA Today – ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Car with Confederate Flag Comes to Auction

Yahoo! – Princess Leia’s Iconic Slave Bikini and Other Awesome ‘Star Wars’ Artifacts Are Now For Sale

Entertainment Weekly – Star Wars auction includes iconic Princess Leia costume

NY Daily News – Princess Leia’s gold bikini from ‘Star Wars’ put up for auction, expected to fetch up to $120,000 

Rolling Stone Magazine – Princess Leia’s Metal ‘Jedi’ Bikini Headed to Auction

Reuters – Princess Leia’s Slave Costume Entices at ‘Star Wars’ Auction

Entertainment Weekly – Orson Welles’ Personal Scripts Are Headed to Auction

Los Angeles Magazine – The Fantastic Fish from Forbidden Planet is Headed to Auction

TV Insider – Glee Memorabilia Auction: Get Your Hands on Sue’s Bullhorn, Artie’s Wheelchair and Costumes Worn by Celeb Guests

InStyle – Your Favorite GLEE Costumes Will Soon Be Up For Auction

LA Times – Get Gwyneth’s Garb and Lindsay Lohan’s Look at Upcoming ‘Glee’ Auction

FOX Carolina – Saturday at San Diego Comic Con 2015

FOX 5, San Diego – Profiles in History Brings Star Wars Memorabilia to Comic Con

Jedi News – Grant McCune’s Blockade Runner on Display at SDCC

Daily Mail, UK – The World’s Largest Collection of Movie Posters Boasting Artwork from Almost Every Single Film Ever Made

NBC News – Letters from Einstein About God (and Toys) Sell for $420,625!

Associated Press – 27 of Einstein’s Personal Letters Going on Auction Block

The Inquisitr News – Einstein’s Letters to be Auctioned

The Tribune, India – Einstein’s Letters on God, Religion to be Auctioned in US

Robb Report – Letters Written By Albert Einstein Up For Auction

NBC News – Albert Einstein’s Letters on God, Relativity and Family to be Auctioned

Fine Books & Collections – An Exceptional Collection of Albert Einstein Writings to be Auctioned by Profiles in History on June 11

New York Daily Mail – Largest cache EVER of Einstein’s letters goes to auction: $1MILLION collection reveals physicist’s take on God, adultery, Sigmund Freud and how McCarthyism could usher in an American Hitler
Fashion Magazine, Canada – A Countdown of Some of the Most Expensive Celebrity Auction Items Ever to Go Under the Hammer
Telegraph – Ten most Expensive Hollywood Memorabilia
Preview Magazine, Holland – Hollywood Onder de Hamer
Fine Books Magazine – Lincoln’s Old Desk at Auction
Deutsche Welle – Century of Film History to Go On Auction
Cartoon Brew – Never Before Seen Eyvind Earle ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Concept Art Headed to Auction
Robb Report – Profiles in History to Auction $6 Million Worth of Movie Memorabilia
Broadway World, Los Angeles – Massive Collection of Vintage Movie Memorabilia Up for Auction 12/17 with Profiles in History
Reuters – One-lost Letter of Beat Era, Found in California, to Be Sold at Auction
San Francisco Chronicle – Lost ‘On the Road’ Letter Lands in North Beach
Time Magazine – Long Lost Letter That Inspired On the Road Found in Oakland
Associated Press – Kerouac Letter Discovery Shows Poet Didn’t Toss It
San Diego Union-Tribune – Letter That Inspired Kerouac Found
Business Insider – Invaluable Letter That Inspired ‘On the Road’ Author Kerouac Found
ABC News – Letter That Inspired Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’ Found
Associated Press – Letter That Inspired Kerouac Found
Examiner – Gigantic Vintage Movie Poster Collection is Up for Auction
Yahoo! – Massive Movie Poster Collection Going to Auction!
The Economic Times, India – Gandalf’s stick in “Lord of the Rings” sold at $390,000
Daily Express, UK – Indiana Jones Prop Whips Up Auction Bidders
Daily Mail, UK – Original sketches used to plan iconic Star Wars scenes including moment Luke Skywalker attacks Death Star sell for $16,000
CBS News – Hollywood Memorabilia Auction
Gizmag – “Captain America” chopper from Easy Rider could sell for $1 million plus at auction
Arts Life, Italy – All’asta l’Harley Davidson di “Easy rider”. Stima $1-1,2 milioni

Reiniciado – Nuevos artículo originales de Star Wars se subastarán la próxima semana

 Schokkend Nieuws – Wie biedt?
Portal Geek – A Subasta el guión original y ‘storyboards’ de la trilogía de Star Wars
Le Nouvel Observateur – Archives de Star Wars à vendre
Broadway World – Orson Welles Iconic Citizen Kane Jacket Among Highlights of Profiles in History Auction
Zaman - Yıldız Savaşları’nın orijinal çizimleri satılıyor
The Guardian – Original Star Wars Storyboards
The Telegraph, UK – Original Star Wars Sketches to Go Under the Hammer
Auction Central News – Profiles in History Producing Landmark Hollywood Auction Oct. 17-20
Daily Mail, UK – Now That’s a Monster Sale!
VG Film, Norway – Nå kan filmdinosaurene bli dine
La Razon, San Luis – Venden prenda de Titanic en dls. 70 mil
Perez Hilton – Titanic Fans Rejoice! Leonardo DiCaprio’s Iconic “I’m the King of the World!” Jacket Up for Auction
Complex Magazine – A Jacket Leonardo DiCaprio Wore in “Titanic” Expected to Fetch $70,000 in Auction
The Standard, Hong Kong – Mork Spacesuit and Ride Up for Grabs
The Boston Globe – Father of Telestrator Drew it Up Right – Pam Anderson’s ‘Baywatch’ Swimsuit Up for Auction
UK Mirror – Anderson’s Iconic Red ‘Baywatch’ Swimsuit Up for Grabs in Auction
Sydney Morning Herald – Iconic Spacesuit and Egg from Robin Williams’ Series ‘Mork & Mindy’ Up for Auction
Trek Today – Trek Costumes to be Auctioned
NY Observer – Robin Williams’ ‘Mork’ Spacesuit, Ricardo Montalban’s ‘Khan’ Tunic Head to Auction
Good Morning America – The Famous Red and White Spacesuit Worn by Robin Williams in “Mork and Mindy” is Up for Auction Next Month
Entertainment Weekly – Williams’ Mork Spacesuit is Going Up for Auction
Business Insider – Bids Invited for Robin Williams ‘Mork’ Suit
The Wall Street Journal – ‘Easy Rider’ Motorcycle Expected to Fetch Record Price at Auction
CNN Money – Easy Rider’s Captain American Up for Auction
BBC News – Easy Rider Chopper Tipped to Fetch $1 Million at Auction
Yahoo! – Peter Fonda’s ‘Easy Rider’ Bike is Up for Auction
Esquire – The Easy Rider Chopper is Up for Auction
Rolling Stone – ‘Easy Rider’ Custom Chopper Headed to Auction
Auction Central News – ‘Easy Rider’ Movie Motorcycle to Star in Entertainment Auction
Winter is Coming – King Robert Baratheon’s Crown from ‘Game of Thrones” Available at Auction
The Hollywood Reporter – ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Titanic,’ and Robin Williams Memorabilia Up for Auction
Glendale News Press – Lone Ranger Mask to be Auctioned October 18th with Profiles in History
Boa Informacao – Pés de Hobbit e Coroa de “Game of Thrones” Vão a Leilão por Até US$ 20 Mil
io9 – The Very Best Finds On The Floor At Comic-Con
First Showing – Comic Con 2014: Our First Look at Preview Night
Las Americans News – Subastan negativos de Monroe con derechos de autor
Yahoo! – Profiles in History Brings The Thrill of “The Expendables” Movie Franchise to San Diego Comic-Con 2014
Fine Books Magazine – The Property of a Distinguished American Private Collector, Part IV at Profiles in History on July 11
The Times UK – Einstein Admitted Student Had Found Mistake In His Equation
UK Daily Mail – Albert Einstein Was Called Out By A Student: Letters Reveal Physicist Admitted He Got His Sums Wrong To A 23-year-old Who Had Spotted His Error
LA Daily News – Rare Items from Beethoven, MLK, Lincoln to be Auctioned
Guns & Ammo – Samuel Colt Historical Documents Up for Bids
Sports Collectors Daily – Ali’s Speech Notes, Naismith Memorabilia Coming to Auction
Daily Telegraph – Actress, Collector and Much-Married Relationship Expert Debbie Reynolds Gives Celia Walden a Peek Inside Her Hollywood Treasure Chest
NBC Los Angeles – The “Singin’ in the Rain” Star Will Bid Adieu to Many of Her Early Tinseltown Treasures
NY Daily News – Debbie Reynolds Set to Auction Off Historical Hollywood Memorabilia
RedEye Chicago – One-of-a-kind Star Wars Items Up for Auction
San Francisco Chronicle – History for Sale in Debbie Reynolds’ Last Auction
The Hollywood Reporter – Debbie Reynolds “Hurt” by Academy For Refusing Her Memorabilia Collection
MSN – Debbie Reynolds Parts With More of Her Vintage Hollywood Collection
San Fernando Valley Business Journal – Auctioneer Joe Maddalena has Developed an Unusual Niche Selling Both Historical Documents and Hollywood Memorabilia
Forbes – Rare Letters By Jackie Kennedy, Sigmund Freud and Ernest Hemingway Are Up For Sale – 20 Amazing Pieces of Hollywood Memorabilia You Can Own This Week
Cartoon Brew – 20 Rare Pieces of Animation Art You Can Buy at Auction This Week
Wall Street Journal – Gen. MacArthur’s Love Letters Head to Auction
LA Times – All The Rage, ‘Citizen Kane,’ ‘Gone With the Wind’ Costumes Headed to Auction 
UK Daily Mail – Doors Frontman Jim Morrison’s Druggy Notebook Musings Go On Sale For $320,000
Daily Express – Sound Of Music Sale: Lederhosen Worn by Von Trapps Set to Fetch £150,000 in Auction
UK Daily Mail – Iconic Costumes from The Sound Of Music Set to Fetch £150,000
Hollywood Reporter – So Long, Farewell: ‘The Sound of Music’ Costumes Yodeling Their Way to Auction
LA Times – All The Rage, More ‘Sound of Music’ costumes headed to Auction Block Dec. 21
Yahoo Movies – Holy Memorabilia! How Much Would You Pay For Indiana Jones’ Whip?
India Times – Sound of Music Costumes Fetch $1.56m at Auction
LA Times – All The Rage, ‘Sound of Music’ Von Trapp Togs Fetch $1.56 Million at Auction
UK Daily Mail – Sound of Music Costumes Sell for a Whooping 1.3M
Daily Express – Julie Andrews’ Sound of Music Costumes Sell for £866,000
CBS, San Francisco – Bay Area Collector To Auction Early Version of ‘Wizard of Oz’ Dress
OMG Yahoo! – Auction Selling Copyright with Monroe Negatives
NY Daily News – Thousands of Marilyn Monroe Photos by Milton Greene to be Auctioned Off
Huffington Post – Milton H. Greene Images of Marilyn Monroe Up For Auction, With Copyright (photos)
The Daily Beast – Milton Greene’s Glorious Portraits
The LAist – Selling and Collecting Hollywood: 5 Questions with Joe Maddalena of Profiles In History
Antique Trader – Unpublished Photos of Marilyn Monroe Heading to Auction
NBC New York – 1st Look Loves: Profiles In History and “The Sound of Music”
ABC News – Lost Images of Hollywood Icons Revealed
The NY Post – History, On The Block
The Hollywood Reporter – The Lost Hollywood of Milton Greene
The Hollywood Reporter – Steve McQueen ‘Bullitt’ Jacket Up for Auction
 Reuters – Video: Oddly Enough – Rare historic letters to hit the auction block
 CBS – Rare letters from Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon hit auction block
Fox News – Monroe, Lennon, Eisenhower letters will go to highest bidder
 CNN – Bid on icons’ intimate letters and photos
 Rolling Stone on Yahoo! Music – John Lennon Letter to Paul and Linda McCartney Going Up for Auction
Bloomberg – De Sade Rants About Mom-In-Law, Marilyn Wails: Auction
 NY Daily News – Marilyn Monroe’s suicidal letter, John Lennon’s angry message for Paul McCartney, Dwight D. Eisenhower’s love notes – up for auction
 Focus Features – Red Leather Jacket From New Movie THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES On Display At Arclight Cinemas In Hollywood And Up For Auction Online
 Auction Report – Profiles In History American Private Collector Part 1
 CNET – Yoda head: Original ‘Star Wars’ items up for auction
 MTV Geek – Items Used In The Original ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy Are Headed To Auction!
 Fox News – Evel Knievel crash helmet up for auction
 Wall Street Journal – Stunt Rider Evel Knievel’s Helmet, Leathers Up for Auction (Slideshow)
 USA Today – Van Gogh, John Lennon letters coming to NY auction
 Rolling Stone – John Lennon Letter to Eric Clapton Going Up for Auction – Bram Stoker’s restored “Dracula” desk up for auction – Rare James Bond posters hitting auction block in LA
 Huffington Post – Famous Author Letters, Memorabilia Up For Auction
The Hollywood Reporter – Comic-Con 2012: Rare Animation Treasures up for Auction

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